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"“Press play below and fall in love with her beautiful voice…"

 - illanoise (Music Blog)

"London has a quiet confidence which is missing from most female artist"

- Girl Meets PR (Music Blog)

Tia London developed a cult following through a mix of sexy retro 90’s R&B and modern hip-hop. Born Latia Bell, Tia hails from the south side of Chicago.


Tia considers herself a songwriter first. It was her song-writing that caught the ear of producer The Legendary Traxster. The two soon after began releasing music. Her and Traxster’s musical and romantic chemistry flourished. They married and shortly after welcomed their first child into their world of music.


Tia and Traxster recently launched “Nothing But Dope.” Tia London is presently readying new music, and she plans to continue pouring her life and love into every word she writes.